1-147th Field Artillery Battalion

Battery A, 1-147th Field Artillery Bn.

Battery B, 1-147th Field Artillery Bn.

147th Forward Support Company

The 1-147th Field Artillery Battalion, of Watertown, provides mission control and supervision for two Multiple Launch Rocket System batteries and one forward support company with nearly 400 Soldiers in three communities throughout eastern South Dakota. With more than 80 Soldiers assigned to the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery of the 1-147th, the unit serves to assist assigned units in meeting training, administrative and logistical requirements and achieve readiness. Battalion units are equipped with the M270A1 MLRS which provides medium and long-range rockets and missiles to deystroy, neutralize or suppress enemy targets.

To meet its homeland defense and state mission requirements, the 1-147th serves as command and control for Task Force 147 and supports civil authorities in emergency and disaster response. The unit can provide the governor with a force capable of responding to and recovery from natural disasters, civil unrest and other state emergency operations.