Safety is one of the SDNG adjutant general's top priorities. No training event could possibly justify the loss of a Soldier or Airman.


The Safety and Occupational Health Office mission is to serve as TAG's advisor in all safety and occupational health matters and to collaborate with directorates and commands to ensure that all applicable programs, functional areas, and systems are operating as required IAW 385 series publications.

Our responsibilities are to:

  • Manage the SDARNG Safety and Occupational Health Program
  • Develop, plan, organize and execute programs as directed in AR 385 series directives
  • Complete annual self-assessment of the State Safety Program and provide a comprehensive briefing to TAG on the State Safety Program
  • Serve as the Executive Secretary of the State Safety Council
  • Promote and use safety awareness material to reduce accidents
  • Ensure that all safety and health violations that involve real property are immediately communicated to the Construction and Facilities Management Officer for prompt correction

Our vision is to have work force embedded safety and occupational health programs that promote stewardship of resources through risk management, organizational readiness, and stakeholder situational awareness and safety engagement.  SDARNG - Rock Solid Safety.