Information on this site is designed to assist Soldiers and Airmen, and others associated with the South Dakota National Guard, to enhance their knowledge of the Inspector General's (IG) roles and responsibilities.
The State Command Inspector General is an unbiased Regular Army (Title 10) Lieutenant Colonel detailed by the Department of the Army and the National Guard Bureau.

IG Mission:

The Inspector General is the confidential advisor to the Adjutant General of the South Dakota National Guard. The IG provides the Adjutant General a continuing assessment of matters relating to the state of efficiency, discipline, morale, esprit de corps and readiness throughout the South Dakota National Guard.

IG Functions:

Inspections, Assistance, Investigations, and Teach & Train.
The Inspector General Office staff provides assistance to all National Guard members, Department of Defense Civilians, Retirees, Military Technicians and family members, by performing inquiries, investigations and unit compliance inspections as appropriate. We are committed to constant improvement of the South Dakota National Guard as a professional organization, through leader and Soldier empowerment, process improvement, objective fact-finding, and unbiased guidance.

Before You Contact the Inspector General:
  •     Be sure you have a problem, not just a peeve.
  •     Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem. A chain of command includes a COMMANDER (or equivalent). Your
        Administrative Officer and NCO are a link to your commander but are not part of your chain of command.
  •     Be honest and do not provide misleading information (we will find out).
  •     IGs are not policy makers and do not have the authority to “direct” actions. IGs can recommend courses of action but only Commanders have the privilege of command.
Contact the South Dakota National Guard Inspector General at (605) 737-6618/6619 or email:

View this form to file an IG Action Request electronically.

For the Air National Guard, please view this form to file an IG Action Request electronically or by contacting at 605-988-5671 or

It is the right of every Service Member to seek IG assistance without fear of reprisal. No one can prevent or deny a subordinate from seeking IG assistance. Communications with an IG are protected by law, and confidentiality is maintained to the greatest extent possible.

Filing a Complaint with the IG Office:

All complaints begin with contacting the SDNG IG office, through any means (email, phone, fax, walk-in and 3rd party).

Cases will be officially opened upon receipt of a DA 1559, Inspector General Action Request (IGAR). When the IGAR is submitted, include any and all relevant documents and evidence.

Ensure you clearly state what you expect the IG office to accomplish for you (in your opinion, what action would successfully resolve your situation). Also, include accurate contact information. A personal phone number and email are perfectly acceptable.

REVIEW the form before submitting it.

Confidentiality is an underlying assumption. This office will only discuss your case as required to resolve it, or with TAG, as necessary. You may request that we not release your personal information outside of IG channels, but you should understand that this will usually limit our ability to resolve your situation.

Lastly, remember that those who knowingly and intentionally provide false statements on DA Form 1559 are subject to potential punitive and administrative action.
(UCMJ Article 107, 18 USC 1001)