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Service Member and Family Support (SMFS) understands and appreciates the sacrifices made by all of their customers. Because of this sacrifice, SMFS is dedicated to supporting and promoting an environment that empowers Service Members, Veterans and their Families to be self-reliant during service and beyond. SMFS does this through education, outreach services, community partnerships, leveraging resources and training, and constantly capitalizing on new capabilities, concepts and technological advances.  We embrace Family wellness and empower Service Members, Veterans and their and Families through education and information services. 

Through collaboration with our community partners, SMFS ensures our customers are connected with the service provider needed to be independent, self-reliant and prepared to handle family emergencies and unexpected life changes. We believe there is no wrong door.  When serving those who call or walk through our doors, our end goal is to enable them to handle most situations independently by providing them the information and resource needed.  Our hope is that our customers feel fully supported by passionate, professional, dedicated, collaborative and empathetic staff which promotes their confidence in us to return for future needs as well refer others to us.

SMFS can be a force multiplier for unit commanders and can aid in increasing unit readiness by positively influencing their Service Members. When Service Members and Families are mentally and physically prepared for unexpected separations, the Service Member will be more engaged mentally and physically and will ultimately perform their mission more proficiently.



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