Family Assistance Center

The SD National Guard Family Assistance Center provides a focal point of information through Six Essential Services. Family Assistance Centers are critical in providing help to all military families. This holds especially true for geographically dispersed families who are unable to access services at a local base, installation, or fort. In other words, Family Assistance personnel are the "Easy Button" for assistance and referral for families.


Providing our service members and families with a direct contact for questions, benefit information, resources and tools to be a self-reliant and strong military family!


Family Assistance Center provides families, service members, community members and employers with an Easy Button!

Rickkie Martinmaas ~ Coordinator       Corinne Mahlen ~ Specialist
Rapid City                                                  Watertown
605.737.6079 ~ 605.415.0471                   605.882.9375 ~ 605.415.0010 
Sarah Neugebauer ~ Specialist             Jennifer Holien ~ Specialist
Rapid City ~ Part time                               Brookings
605.737.6970 ~ 605.786.8352                   605.696.5416 ~ 605.415.1013     
Rachel VanderZee ~ Specialist               Ruth Ragels ~ Specialist
Sioux Falls                                                  Mitchell
605.988.5972 ~ 605.415.2481                    605.995.1682 ~ 605.877.2517