196th Regiment, Regional Training Institute

1st Battalion, 196th RTI

2nd Battalion, 196th RTI

The 196th Regiment, Regional Training Institute, located at Fort Meade is one of four major commands of the South Dakota Army National Guard and is one of the premier regional training institutes throughout the Army National Guard. The regiment maintains its status of “A Learning Institute of Excellence” by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command as it continues to be one of the nation’s top training institutes.

With 60 members, the regiment provides a model environment for training future leaders for the Army National Guard and provides general instruction on a variety of military courses. The 196th Regiment (RTI) has two subordinate battalions: 1st Battalion (Officer Candidate School) at Fort Meade and the 2nd Battalion (Modular Training) in Sioux Falls.

The Fort Meade campus is home to one of the nation’s four consolidated OCS programs where enlisted Soldiers who want to become officers conduct a three-phase program designed to stress their mental and physical capabilities, and evaluate their leadership potential for future commissioning as second lieutenants.

1st Battalion also manages a Warrant Officer Candidate School Program,  designed to develop and evaluate leadership skills for enlisted Soldiers wanting to become highly skilled, single-track specialists and serve as technical experts in a particular field. The battalion also offers the Tactics Certification Course and Platoon Trainer Qualification Course; two specialty courses for platoon trainers and instructors in the OCS environment.

Second Battalion provides instruction in military specialties such as truck driver (88M), multiple launch rocket system crewmember (13M) and operations/fire direction specialist (13P) as well as conducted Noncommissioned Officer Education System courses within the 13M and 13P specialties. The battalion also provides functional course training to Soldiers through its Combat Lifesaver Course, Modern Army Combatives Program, Small Group Instructor Course, Army Basic Instructor Course and Resilience Trainer Assistance Course.