114th Operations Group

175th Fighter Squadron

114th Operations Support Squadron

The mission of the 114th Operations Group is to deploy worldwide and execute directed tactical fighter sorties to destroy enemy forces, supplies, equipment, communications systems and installations with conventional weapons. The OG has two subordinate units: 175th Fighter Squadron and 114th Operations Support Squadron.

The mission of the 175th Fighter Squadron is to establish a training program to achieve the capability of worldwide deployment and to be prepared, upon implementation, to deploy, destroy enemy forces and facilities through the delivery of all types of tactical weapons compatible with the weapon system possessed in support of the roles of counter air, interdiction, and close air support.

The mission of the 114th Operations Support Squadron is twofold. The federal mission is to provide operational support to the 114th Operations Group, including an F-16CM squadron conducting Aerospace Control Alert, Offensive Counter-Air/Air Interdiction, Close Air Support and Defensive Counter-Air missions world-wide. The state mission is to protect life and property, to preserve peace, order and public safety in support of South Dakota citizens at the direction of the Governor.