114th Maintenance Group

114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

114th Maintenance Squadron

114th Maintenance Operations Flight

The mission of the 114th Maintenance Group is to ensure that assigned aircraft and equipment are safe, serviceable, and properly configured to meet mission requirements. Maintenance actions include, but are not limited to, inspection, repair, overhaul, modification, preservation, refurbishment, testing, and analyzing condition and performance. The 114th MXG's subodinate units include the 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 114th Maintenance Squadron and 114th Maintenance Operations Flight.

The 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron services, inspects, maintains, launches, recovers assigned and transient aircraft and ensures all mobility requirements are met. The 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron includes activities that generate sorties and train personnel to generate sorties, and is predominantly accomplished in an on-equipment environment.

The mission of the 114th Maintenance Squadron provides support to the 114th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron sortie production and the depth to sustain maintenance effectiveness. The 114th Maintenance Squadron is divided into two flights, the Component Maintenance Flight and the Equipment Maintenance Flight. The Flights perform both on and off equipment maintenance on assigned aircraft.

The 114th Maintenance Operations Flight is responsible to the 114th Maintenance Group commander for aircraft maintenance staff functions required for the efficient operation of the 114th Maintenance Group. The Flight includes the Maintenance Operations Center; Plans, Scheduling, and Documentation; Engine Management, Training Management; Maintenance Analysis; and Maintenance Plans and Programs.