Education Services

The South Dakota National Guard helps you get an education and prepares you for life. Joining the Guard gives you more than just the pride that comes from serving your country. You can earn benefits to help pay for your education and expenses, and you can complete your education while you serve. The National Guard offers many programs for every type of student, whether you're still in high school, attending college or working toward a vocational certification.

  • FY16 - GI Bill - CH 1606 - Quick reference about the Selected Reserve GI Bill which Reserve Soldier have use of after AIT.
  • FY16 - GI Bill - CH 33 - Quick reference about the Post 9/11 GI Bill which previously mobilized, active duty and AGR Soldiers are eligible to use.
  • Education Services Summary - Summary of ARNG Education Programs and Services to include benefits, entitlements, and programs you may qualify for.