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Family Readiness

FRSA Jared Thomas

Sioux Falls, SD



FRSA Wendi Albers

Rapid City, SD



Family Readiness Program:


Volunteer with your unit's FRG today!

Contact your

Family Readiness Support Assistant:

or 605-357-2974/605-737-6310


Behind every good service member 

        is a dedicated volunteer!



Family Readiness Group (FRG)
  • The FRG is the Unit Commander's Program, used as a tool to connect Families to the unit and each other
  • Conducted in partnership with Service Members, Families, community members, volunteers and civilian employers
  • Develops strong and resilient families
  • Supports Families during separations due to drill weekends, annual trainings, military schools, state active duty and deployments

FRG Mission:  Assist  Commanders in preparing Families for mission and life readiness

  • By building information networks for unit Families
  • By providing opportunities for unit Families to meet and build friendships
  • By educating  and informing Families about benefits, programs, resources, and unit missions

Anyone Can Belong to the FRG!

-  Spouses          -  Service & Family Members          -  Parents          -  Significant Other         

-  Siblings           -  Co-workers          -  Retirees        -  Community Members          -  Employers

Volunteer Positions:  If you have a talent, strength or a hobby you can use to help support your unit's FRG, you are welcome to volunteer.

Click on the link for a few core FRG Volunteer Job descriptions

Family Readiness Support Assistant's (FRSAs) Mission
To support commanders in the development and sustainment of their unit's Family Readiness Group.

Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA)

What can a FRSA do for your unit?

  • Serve as the Unit Commander's liaison
  • Assist volunteers in unit's FRG development and implementation
  • Provide guidance and schedule trainings for FRG volunteers and military leadership
  • Support commanders in addressing any volunteer issues
  • Support units in preparation for unit Family Readiness inspections
  • Track unit's Family Readiness status and advise commander
  • Provide hands-on assistance with newsletters, telephone trees, events and answer any questions
  • Assist with required Annual Family Readiness briefings
  • Provide Assistance to Rear Detachment Commanders during times of deployment